We established The Maddy Jones Foundation after my Daughter's death from Sepsis in October 2017. Had we known about Sepsis, Maddy's symptoms would have been recognised by both family and healthcare professionals. Maddy's death was preventable..

Know the signs of Sepsis!
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Sepsis is a Medical Emergency!

Sepsis is a potentially life threatening reaction to an infection in which the body attacks its own organs and tissues. Sepsis can be triggered by any infection, but most commonly occurs in response to bacterial infections of the lungs, urinary tract, abdominal organs or skin and soft tissues. 

Sepsis is a medical emergency and can be treated if identified early.  Left unchecked, the patient is likely to suffer multi-organ failure, septic shock and death.  Knowing the signs and symptoms of Sepsis may save your life or the life of someone that you love. 


“Every year at least 55,000 Australians are diagnosed with sepsis, with around 8,700 losing their lives”

“ Sepsis takes more lives in Australia than the annual road toll.”

“For those that survive, half are left with a disability or impaired function that also impacts their family and friends."

"Sepsis costs Australia more than $4.5 BILLION annually with a direct cost to the health system of $700 MILLION!"



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