Sepsis in the News

A Current Affair (ACA)

“Just asking the question – could this be sepsis? I think is very important and people shouldn’t be afraid to ask that question,” Damian Jones, who lost his 18-year-old daughter, Madeline, to sepsis last year, said

July 23rd, 2018

7 News Brisbane

Families have united to raise awareness about sepsis

July 12th , 2018

60 Minutes Australia

18-year-old Maddy Jones fell victim to last year’s deadly strain of influenza. Now her boyfriend, Callum, and parents, Damian and Danielle, issue a heartbreaking plea to all Australians.

April 23, 2018

World Sepsis Day

The Heartbreaking Story of Maddy Jones – Born 1998, Taken by Sepsis in 2017

April 18th, 2018

Courier Mail

TWO heartbroken families who tragically lost their healthy teenage children to last year’s horror flu season have joined forces to save other young lives, kicking off a nationwide awareness ­campaign and helping to fund the development of a lifesaving test.

July 12th, 2018

Daily Mail

Two weeks before her 19th birthday, she had the flu that developed into Sepsis. Sepsis is a life threatening condition that damages the body’s tissue and organs.

May 19th, 2018